Here are some interesting facts to ponder about of time:

  1. There is no widely accepted scientific definition of time as a stand alone entity. The reason for this is that according the Einstein’s theory of relativity, time and space are integrated into space-time.
  2. Some physicists argue that “time” has not always existed. According to the big bang theory, the universe started as an infinitely dense small energy ball that expanded to create the universe we now observe. Since some physicist argue that time is a measure of change, before the big bang, there was no change. Hence, there was no time.
  3. Time as measured by clocks will actually slow down in a reference frame moving close to the speed of light or in a high gravitational field. This has been experimentally proven.
  4. Time on Earth is slowing down. Our human perception of time comes from the rotation of the Earth relative to the Sun. Due to tidal friction from the sun and moon, the solar day is lengthening by 1.7 milliseconds each century as the Earth’s rotation slows down.
  5. Your significant other has their own definition of time. It is called a “jiffy.” The jiffy is an undefined time interval that can mean a faction of second to an hour or more. They generally use it in the phrase, “I’ll be ready in a jiffy.”  🙂