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Louis Del Monte is an award-winning physicist, inventor, futurist, bestselling author, featured speaker, CEO of Del Monte and Associates, Inc.

For over thirty years, he was a leader in the development of microelectronics, integrated circuit sensors, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for IBM and Honeywell. His patents and technology developments, currently used by Honeywell, IBM, and Samsung, are fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits and sensors. As a Honeywell Executive Director, he led hundreds of physicists, engineers, and technology professionals engaged in micro to nanotechnology development for both Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial applications, with profit and loss responsibility for $100 million in yearly revenue.

Del Monte is the recipient of the H.W. Sweatt Award for scientific engineering achievement and the Lund Award for management excellence. A number of his patents are fundamental to the fabrication of integrated circuits and both Samsung and Honeywell utilize them. You are either using or are within an arm’s length of a technology that Del Monte and his team developed. Major magazines like the Business Insider, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, American Security Today, and CNBC have featured his articles or quoted his views on technology. He is literally a man whose career has changed the way we work, play and make war.

Del Monte is the past Chairman of the Board of Directory of Vision Loss Resources, Minnesota’s largest non-profit organization for helping the visually impaired. He is also a current member and past Chairman of the Board of Directors of Del Monte & Associates, Inc. In those positions, he consistently used his broad business, marketing, and technical background to successfully work with other board members to set each organization’s strategic direction and assure operational excellence.

Del Monte conducts business internationally and his clients are among the largest national and international companies, including Honeywell, IBM, Medtronic, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, Boeing, Schlumberger, and Halliburton.

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