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Award-winning physicist, bestselling author, futurist, former Honeywell executive director, CEO of Del Monte & Associates, and a featured speaker that uses magic effects to emphasize key speaking points


Science & Technology Speaking Topics


Science and technology topics are based on Louis Del Monte’s bestselling and critically acclaimed books, War At The Speed Of Light (2021), Genius Weapons (2018), Nanoweapons: A Growing Threat to Humanity (2017), The Artificial Intelligence Revolution (2014), How to Time Travel (2013), and Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries (2012).


I will be happy to customize a specific science or technology speaking topic to fit your venue’s theme.


Why Louis Del Monte?


As a physicist, bestselling author, former Honeywell executive director, and Del Monte and Associates CEO, Louis Del Monte shares his scientific expertise to deliver compelling talks that attendees find riveting. You may have read one of his popular science books or articles, seen him quoted in major media, listened to a radio interview, or watched a television program that featured him. You are likely either using or within an arm’s length of a technology innovation or invention he and his team developed.


For your next event, book the man whose career has literally changed the way we work, play, and even make war.


How Attendees Rated Del Monte’s Featured Speaking


The evaluation sheets averaged over a 9 rating, with 10 being the highest. During the presentation, I used magic effects to emphasize key points. Click here to see comments from some featured speaker events.


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Louis A. Del Monte