Extraterrestrial Intelligence — In this series, Physicist Louis Del Monte addresses two questions:

• Is the probability of finding extraterrestrial intelligent life in the universe high, or is it rare?

• Have we encountered any evidence of extraterrestrial intelligent life?

In part 1, Del Monte introduces the Drake equation, which is often used to predict finding extraterrestrial intelligent life. Del Monte provides both the optimistic and pessimistic predictions resulting from the Drake equation, and attributes the disparity due to the inherent limitations of the Drake equation. Del Monte then addresses the number of planets that may be capable of harboring extraterrestrial intelligent life in the universe. Based on the large number of planets orbiting stars in the universe, Del Monte suggests it is highly probable that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe, perhaps even in our own galaxy.

This subject is also fully discussed in Louis Del Monte’s new book, Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries (available in paper back or as an eBook on Amazon http://amzn.to/Zo1TGn and Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/RAv4FL).

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