Explore sciences’ most baffling mysteries


Big Bang’s origin, time travel, dark energy, dark matter, parallel worlds, humankind’s fate, and more.


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Unraveling the Universe’s Mysteries offers a rare glimpse into scientific mysteries that have baffled scientists over the last century. It bravely takes the reader to the edge of science where proof is scarce, and the line between physics and metaphysics blurs. Explore the latest science theories –


                    • What caused the Big Bang?

                    • Is there a multiverse?

                    • What role does string theory play in modern science?

                    • Is time travel possible?

                    • Is dark energy/dark matter real?

                    • Are there other Earths?

                    • Are we alone?

                    • What ultimate fate does humankind face?

                    • Can science prove God exists?

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Barnes & Nobel